Exporting commands from the Streamlabs Chatbot

streamlabs bot commands

All commands and features can be controlled via the Streamlabs dashboard. With Aitum you can connect all your PCs together to create the best stream ever but it doesn’t stop there. Aitum also has the ability to connect your Twitch, Elgato stream deck, OBS, MIDI and https webpages. Control scenes, sources, and filters with blazing fast execution, or give your viewers control over your setup. We don’t want that to happen, so we need to delete “Capture 1” out of our newly created Table 2 Scene.

streamlabs bot commands

The last nightbot section for this article is the Spam Protection. It offers a variety of filters to automatically delete messages you wouldn’t want to see. There are many third party services that offer this feature, we will go with streamlabs in this article. You’ll notice that there’s some empty space to fill on your overlay!


The drag handle column allows you to drag individual actions up and down the list. The start text command to run when the owning command starts executing. In the example above, no sound will be played as none is selected. The start play sound command to run when the owner command starts executing.

streamlabs bot commands

First, right click your current Scene and select “Rename”. The longer you stream, the more scenes and sources you will add to your OBS over time – it’s good practice to keep them clean and properly named so you don’t lose overview. Streamlabs offers Twitch streamers a convenient way to personalize their chat moderation by setting up a dedicated chatbot. Streamlabs chatbot doesn’t require any coding knowledge.


Bots were created for Twitch to help streamers with their chat moderation, making it easier for them to focus on creating content and streaming. While some people have human moderators in chat, bots offer a simple (and usually free) way of speedily keeping your chat organised and moderated. You can also set Nightbot up with timed messages to promote your other social media channels or Discord community. I see many using it to remind their chat about their fundraiser or the latest YouTube video. The free trigger causes the command to execute whenever a user types the command identifier, !


Often these will revolve around the outcome of matches or gaming/Charede related trivia. Take on a boss as a community and see if you emerge with the loot. This means not breaking the community rules and having outstanding behaviour.

A mouse scroll wheel up action turns your scroll wheel up for the specified number of clicks over a duration. A mouse scroll wheel down action turns your scroll wheel down for the specified number of clicks over a duration. To assign the mouse button click on the button textbox. A key press action presses and the releases the assigned key. In the example above, no text will be sent to chat as no command is selected. The user cooldown of a command limits how often a specific user can execute the command.

  • The type column shows the type icon and name of an action.
  • For example of you set this to 5, only a raid with 5 or more viewers will trigger the command.
  • Pingcord is a Discord bot that lets your community know when you’re live streaming or uploading with fully-customisable prompts.
  • The minimum number of users controls when the host trigger will execute the command.

You’ll need a Nightbot account, a Streamlabs account (both free), your Streamer Sub Alert Link (you can create it here) and a text editor for copy & pasting a few numbers. All you need to do is link your twitch account on the home page and then configure your timer. Available across Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming, Streamlabs’ Chatbot can be used within Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) or as an external tool for Windows users. We’ve written a full guide to set-up Nightbot on Twitch. What are some of the bots you can use for Twitch in 2021?

If you wish to remove all actions, you can instead press the clear button. You can then press the remove button to remove the action. The text section controls what Text commands, if any, are executed at the start and end of the command. The sound effects section controls what Play Sound commands, if any, are executed at the start and end of the command. Below is a list of all the chat commands which can be used in Charede’s livestream.

Is chatbot easy?

Creating chatbots is extremely easy and within everyone's reach. There are tons of online bot development tools that you can use for free. However, creating a chatbot for a website may be a bit easier for beginners than making social media bots.

When use default is toggled off, you can select the help command you want this command to appear within, if any. The use default toggle controls if the command will be included in the default help command, see here. The help section controls what Help command, if any, the command will appear within. The global cooldown of a command limits how often the command can execute. The cooldowns section controls how often the command can be run.

For example of you set this to 5, only a raid with 5 or more viewers will trigger the command. The points setting controls the required number of points, or cost of reward, required to trigger the command. The host trigger causes the command to execute whenever your channel is hosted.

streamlabs bot commands

This will only ever added to the linked condition, as such you do not need to select the parent condition first. Alternativity to using the add button above, you can use the add at the same level in the hierarchy to the parent condition you wish to add a new condition to. To create a new condition you must select the parent condition. If the numbers entered are different then a random number between the minimum and maximum will be picked. When the minimum and maximum are different a random number inclusive of the two will be picked. When the minimum and maximum numbers are the same, the amount of clicks is fixed.

Since we already created one scene, we can simply duplicate it and make some changes to it to show a different table in it. In this example, we will use window capture to get them in. In the next window, select your camera under “device” and select the maximum resolution your camera streamlabs bot commands is capable of. Click the OK button and you should see yourself in the preview. This is where you can specify hotkeys to switch between your scenes, toggle mute and camera, go live etc. In the output (Scaled) Resolution is where you can specify your streaming resolution to twitch.

When done you should get something back that has two curly brackets around it. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting me on Ko-fi. In return you can browse this whole site without any pesky ads! One of the most advanced and in-depth Twitch Bots you can choose from, with full customisation when downloaded to your Windows/Mac computer. Sold as free, forever — it is also open-source, which means if you’re talented in the skills of development, you could turn it into whatever you want. The description column gives a synopsis of when the trigger will queue the command.

It’s also one of the most popular bots across both Twitch and YouTube. To remove a users uses, highlight the user and press remove. In this case one word will be picked as the triggering word, for example Cute. Once that https://www.metadialog.com/ word has been used to trigger the command, another word will be picked to be the triggering word e.g. This process will then repeat it’s self once that word has been picked, for example Cute or Sweet could be picked.

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Even for 6 years Twitch partners this is an issue we face where most of the time popular games are over saturated with broadcasters vs people watching. You can follow this procedure to add as many scenes for as many tables as you like. As your stream goes on, you might be busting and entering more tournaments. OBS might streamlabs bot commands be able to detect the new tables automatically, otherwise, keep using the dropdown in OBS to select the correct table while your Window Capture source is selected. To begin with, you need to create a Nightbot Application. This is a beta feature but you can do so by going to the Applications Page within Nightbot.

The first is having the Command is always active toggle button on. When on the command will always be considered active, even if not linked to the currently active application. A pause action stops execution of the input command for the specified number of milliseconds.

Twitch Hate Raids are when a person – or multiple people – use twitch’s raid feature to abuse a live streamer. Instead of bringing over an authentic and lovely audience, hate raiders flood the streamers chat with hateful and offensive messages from bot accounts. Hate raids come with no warning and are a way to disorientate and overwhelm the streamer so they’re unable to stop themselves and their viewers from seeing the hate speech posted. The easiest bit – you will require an account on twitch.tv to start streaming to it!

How do I add a custom bot?

  1. Turn on “Developer mode” in your Discord account.
  2. Click on “Discord API”.
  3. In the Developer portal, click on “Applications”.
  4. Name the bot and then click “Create”.
  5. Go to the “Bot” menu and generate a token using “Add Bot”.
  6. Program your bot using the bot token and save the file.